Written by Timothy J. on 05/01/2021

User Search Behavior.


There are varying statistics, but on average around 75% of searchers never click beyond page one. Getting your website on the first page in the top ranks of Google means that you’ll be getting the majority of clicks, which simply means way more business for you. SEO gets you out of the noise beyond page one and into the light. But that is not all, we will keep you there with ongoing marketing and competitor analysis so that you don’t get knocked out of the ranks.

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Page One Statistics, What is a Google Rank Worth?


According to a study conducted by Advanced Web Ranking on Google search statistics you can see the first 5 rank positions on Google are worth the highest to your business. The average click through rate for position 1 is around 33%, second position is around 15%, 9% to rank 3 and steeper drop offs beyond. For anyone starting a business with an online presence it is obvious where you want to show up in terms of online visibility. Ranks 1 to 5 are where the majority of searchers will click when looking for a business or service online, if your website is listed beyond page one or further search engine optimisation is worth the investment for your business model.

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