Written by Timothy J. on 08/01/2022

SEO the best option for struggling businesses.

According to the statistics organic top listings on page one receive 90% of clicks, page two gets around 5% and page 3 a tiny 1%. This is quite an eye opener to any individual or business just starting out online, and a very good reason for you to find a good SEO company!

original article: https://www.protofuse.com/blog/details/first-page-of-google-by-the-numbers/

These figures are very telling and the fact that paid ads are only receiving around 10% of clicks means that search engine optimisation and online marketing is still the obvious way to go for people who are struggling to show up on the first page of google. People don't like to see paid ads, it looks unnatural so the best way to get clicks is through showing up organically. That means building a solid natural online presence through creating, building and maintaining online visibility.

Human behaviour is changing rapidly, the attention span of your average google searcher is way shorter than you think, think of how you search yourself, how often do you keep clicking through the pages to find what you want?

So we know that 90% of google traffic clicks come from the first page, but what about the top ranks. From the statistics we can see that 33% come from the number one organic page ranking and then no.2 receives around 17% and no.3 around 11%.

google search stats

Quite amazing to see. This is why search engine optimisation is a huge growing industry and a very competitive one!

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