Written by Timothy J. on 12/01/2019

Keyword research and SEO.

Keyword Targeting

Have you ever sat down and opened up google and just used general keyword searches to find your own website? If you can't see yourself on page one then this is where Keyword research can help you out. People use many different keywords to find what they want online but for SEO purposes we use specialized software to discover and create a table of the most popular search terms that are being used to find your specific product or service. This is the process of adding keywords into your content and back end code, so that Google knows exactly what your website is about and will rank you when people type in those search terms.


Keyword research is a deep and complex area with SEO, it reveals the human behavioral aspect of search engine optimisation. To begin keyword data analysis we use dedicated tools to discover how people search plus the frequency of those search terms and we apply it to your SEO and marketing campaign. Essentially it is about discovering how to meet your customers in the middle. Keywords can be used in many different ways, from on site SEO to your backlinks, Google my Business profile, images etc. The point is to know the best keywords to use and be visible as high as possible on the page.

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