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How Much Does it Cost?

SEO is an ongoing service so fees are processed once per month with reports. Fees will vary depending on your business size, industry, competition and needs. To get a specific cost we will need to consult with you and find out more about your business. Generally for business websites SEO can vary between $700 per month up to $2000 per month.

Strategy and Timing

Keyword research, competitor and market analysis, client needs, design, planning and strategy.

On-site and off-site SEO

Once you know your keywords you can use them to optimise your online presence and meet your customers in the middle.

An Idea Comes to Life

With SEO, good quality back links, great user experience and google my business management your ideas will come to life!

How to become visible on Google





White Hat SEO

Many people who think SEO have this idea that it is about spamming links and keywords all over the web to try and trick Google into thinking your website should be no.1. The number of times a website URL or name is listed on the web does not automatically bring your site up in the ranks, actually this can be damaging and toxic to a business and it is widely known as “black hat” SEO strategies and does not work.

Google does not give away its secrets to the public on how its search engine algorithms operate, but SEO experts have learned through years of trial and error what works and what doesn’t work in the search rankings, and what works is natural link building and safe “white hat” techniques. At Sequential SEO we only use White Hat SEO techniques to improve your website’s ranks in Google, we build your online presence with proven ethical methods and strategies that work.

Google My Business (GMB)

You need to have a GMB (Google My Business) page registered and verified which is linked to your website. This is Google’s own free to register business directory and if set up correctly, your website will start appearing in the search results higher and more frequently. Having a GMB listing indicates that you run a legitimate business with an address, phone number, description and office hours that will help people find you and it also offers a platform for people to leave reviews and useful feedback. We offer ongoing Google My Business management for your business.

Trust and Authority

Secondly your site needs to have good trust and authority which together with content relevance also determines your ranking in the search engine results page (SERP). Trust and authority is built up over time with high quality, relevant back links and traffic flow.

User Experience

Third and very importantly you need to have a good user experience rate with your website, that means fast load speed, good structure and organisation of content. Bounce rate is the time it takes for someone to click into your site, then bounce back to the SERP and leave. Having a bad bounce rate is a negative factor when ranking a website. Google will rank websites with a better user experience over bad ones. Essentially you want your customers to land on your page and stay there, that means targeted keywords, relevant content and a fast optimised website.

Timing and Strategy

SEO Strategy

When opening up a new business it is very effective to have a professionally written press release article, what this does is initiate a fresh new presence online which then generates high quality links pointing back to your website. Our copywriters are very experienced in writing attention grabbing news worthy articles that are designed to convert readers to your landing page, creating more traffic which in turns raises your rank. It is also helpful to get your business listed on as many official directory sites as possible, these are known as business citations and they also boost your authority and online visibility. We will take care of all this work for you.

High Quality Back Link Network



Having high quality back links is an important factor in determining how the search engines will rank you. At Sequential SEO we use dedicated software to look at your website’s entire back link network to see how other sites from the web are linking back to you. We will use this data to either eliminate toxic links, or create new back links that will boost and enhance the trust and authority of your website. We research and look for the most relevant high trust sites to link to your site, that means industry links, niche and market links, places where people will actually read and click through back to your site. What matters is the relevance of the link, not how many places on the web it is listed

Keyword Targeting


Keyword research is a deep and complex area with SEO, it reveals the human behavioral aspect of search engine optimisation. To begin keyword data analysis we use dedicated Google keyword tools to discover how people search plus the frequency of those search terms and we apply it to your SEO and marketing campaign. Essentially it is about discovering how to meet your customers in the middle.

Website On Page SEO


This is the process of adding keywords into your content and back end code, so that Google knows exactly what your website is about and will rank you when people type in those search terms. We use keywords in text, media and images which all help to enhance your rank. We also audit and speed up your website for a better user experience.


Good User Experience and Traffic


Website Traffic


One of the most important factors in determining your position on a SERP is user experience and bounce rate. This takes into account the range of SEO strategies that we employ to get your site into the top positions on Google, mainly keyword optimisation, fast clean website structure and content relevance. The search query that brings a person to your site must be relevant to the content within, and the user who lands must be able to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. All this working together will boost traffic and in turn raise your ranking over time.

SEO is an Ongoing Relationship


It is one thing to get you onto the top of Google’s page one results, it is another to keep you there consistently. SEO is an ongoing relationship, think of it as a long term investment into your business future. Sequential SEO use specialised software to track your rankings and we deliver detailed monthly analytics reports so that you are constantly updated to the performance of your SEO campaign. We review your site weekly and make sure your ranking at the top. We can also manage your GMB on your behalf and create fresh ongoing content so that Google consistently keeps you on the top of page one. We are also on hand at any time to talk, we offer a friendly personalised approach to SEO!

Why do you need SEO?


The statistics show that the majority of web users searching Google do not venture beyond the first page of results, that means if your website is showing on page two or deeper, very few of your potential customers will see your website and even less will actually click through. The web is where people are searching and you need an edge to stay above the crowd and be visible, not only that, you need to stay visible and not be knocked out of the ranks by your competitors.


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Tim has been essential for my web and SEO needs, he is efficient, proactive and great to deal with - highly recommended.

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I have been working with Tim for over a year now, he is very professional and efficient, highly recommended!

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Tim has been our life-saver! He is able to do everything we need and is always available and very responsive. He has designed our company website from scratch and we LOVE IT! It is very user friendly and looks great. Every step of the way, Tim has been informative and helpful. We always know that we are in good hands with Tim and will continue to use all of his services!

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We've found sequential SEO's services to be really efficient in getting done what we were after. Its also nice to deal with people who are friendly and genuinely there to help. Would recommend this company to anyone with a website.

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Sequential SEO improved our rankings within a matter of days, very efficient and friendly service, thank you!


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I would highly recommend Sequential SEO. Tim is an expert in the field. He has been great to deal with and very professional. Not only has he delivered results for our business he has also been very supportive. Many thanks.

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Tim was very professional and efficient right from our first conversation and saw my website through to the first page of Google search in a matter of days. I'm so happy with his service that I'm also getting him to redo my website and bring it up to date.

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